Design a Bookmark Challenge

The Design a Bookmark Challenge is part of the 2023 Teen Summer Challenge (ages 13-17) and the 2023 Adult Summer Reading Challenge (ages 18+). Submitting a completed entry to the Design a Bookmark Challenge will earn your 50 points for your summer reading challenge!

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Entry Form

Download and print your copy of the entry form here.

Contest Rules

  1. Entry forms are available to download and print at
  2. Completed entry forms may be submitted to any of the four (4) OPL branches.
  3. Electronic submissions must be emailed to, and the emails must include a completed form for the entry to be considered.
  4. Only one (1) entry per person.
  5. Submissions will be judged on originality, theme, and creativity, and can be in colour or black and white.
  6. Bookmark design must be 2”x6”.
  7. Bookmark design must be completely original work. Nothing previously published will be accepted.
  8. Popular figures (ex. Superman, Disney, etc.) cannot be considered due to copyright restrictions.
  9. Bookmarks not suitable for the general public will not be eligible. OPL has discretion in deciding what is suitable.
  10. Categories are Teen (ages 13-17) and Adult (ages 18+). There will be one (1) winner in each category.
  11. Oshawa Public Libraries staff will select four (4) finalists from each category. OPL customers will be able to vote on the winners from the selected finalists.
  12. Bookmarks will be accepted between June 17, 2023 – August 26, 2023. Entries will not be returned after judging.


  • Finalists will receive an OPL prize pack featuring OPL merch.
  • The winners will have their bookmarks printed and distributed at all four (4) OPL branches.
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