Book Review: All My Rage

By Sabaa Tahir 

5 Stars

All My Rage is a contemporary award-winning novel written by the best-selling author Sabaa Tahir. The novel revolves around three Salahudin, his mother Misbah and Noor and the struggles of their lives as Muslims living in a predominantly non-Muslim area in the small-town Juniper, California. The story alternates between two timelines, one from Misbah's engagement to her life in America and the other being the lives of the two childhood best friends Noor and Salahudin as they're mending their broken friendship. This book is all about forgiveness, and the importance of love in anybody's life.  

As we follow their lives, we see these characters experience a wide range of strong emotions such as jealousy, betrayal, sadness, agony, and euphoria. With astounding detail, the reader can't help but feel empathetic to these characters. This is one of my best reading experiences; as the story goes on it gets more intense and you just need to know what happens next. As someone who generally does not gravitate toward contemporary novels, this book is a brilliant start! 

I loved all of the main characters and grew a strong attachment to them throughout the book. There are elements of everyone in these characters and no matter what your morals are you will definitely find characteristics of these realistic characters in you.  

This book made me laugh, sob and smile. It's the type of book that makes you stare at the ceiling for an hour attempting to process what you just read, and I adored every second of it. 10/10

**If you are interested in reading this book, please look up trigger warnings before this novel is very heavy and graphic at times** 

Reviewed by Fatima 

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