Book Review: Animal Farm

By George Orwell 

5 Stars 

Animal Farm by George Orwell is an ironic dystopian story that many readers can define as the epitome of several historical events in it. For example, the epitome of the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution. In the story, the author uses animal figures to represent different groups of people in a revolution, and humans, become the oppressor or the highest class of a feudal society. In Animal Farm, the ones who lead the revolution to overrun the humans are the pigs, and they’re also the next oppressors at the end of the novel. The story tells about how the people overrun an autocratic society to a democratic one and how the title of collective interests gradually becomes the next symbol of autocracy. Finally, the ones who have led the animals to overrun the oppressors become the next leaders of an autocratic society. They behave like humans, talk like humans, and live in humans ‘rooms. George Orwell deeply explores the topic of the abuse of collective interest and the autocracy that pretends as a democracy.  

Animal Farm is really a good book to read because it will inspire the readers to think about its themes and beware of what happens in the novel that may also happen in our society. This would help to prevent another similar tragedy that may happen in our past or predicted by George Orwell. This is the beauty and purpose of a dystopian story: to warn the readers that never let what happens in the story happen in our world. 


Reviewed by Jean S.

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