Book Review: Circe

By Madeline Miller 

Circe is a novel written by Madeline Miller that retells the story of the Greek mythological figure, Circe, who was known for her magical powers and association with Odysseus. The novel follows Circe's life from childhood to adulthood and explores her relationships with various other Greek gods and goddesses, as well as her journey toward self-discovery and independence. The author skillfully combines mythology, history, and fiction throughout the book to tell a moving story that takes the reader to ancient Greece. Circe is portrayed as a multifaceted, complex character who has both flaws and strengths that help to humanize and endear her.  


In addition, the novel is notable for its examination of feminism, identity, and power dynamics. Particularly compelling are Circe's struggles to find her place as a sorceress and a woman in a male-dominated world.  


I found the writing so poetic and beautiful, and the author manages to breathe new life into a character that has often been portrayed as a one-dimensional villain. The pacing of the novel is well-done, with several storylines involving Circe’s life and relationships that are woven together so well. In my opinion, Madeline Miller is undoubtedly one of the best writers working today. She has a way with words that makes it impossible for anyone to not be engrossed in her storytelling. Madeline Miller has definitely become one of my favourite authors, ever since reading The Song of Achilles, I had high expectations and was not disappointed at all by Circe. The vibe, aesthetic, setting, scenery, and narrative were all so appealing to me and I feel like this book will definitely leave a lasting impression on any reader.


Reviewed by Tayyeba 

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