Book Review: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

By Jeff Kinney 

5 Stars 

The book Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a hilarious and delightful book written by the author Jeff Kinney. The book shows the readers the entertaining journey of Greg Heffley through his middle school years. The book the many ups and downs that a middle schooler might face through their middle school life. The book offers a perspective of middle school through the eyes of the young protagonist who is relatable to some readers and is also humorous.   


The book is narrated by Greg and follows his journey through middle school and demonstrates it in a humorous and relatable way. The journey shows many embarrassing moments that Greg Heffley faces in middle school and shows how he is affected by those moments. Greg Heffley’s relatable experiences will resonate with readers of all ages and help them stay engaged.   


Jeff Kinney’s writing style adds to the plot of the story through Greg Heffley by showing experiences and feelings that any other middle schooler might face or experience through their journey in middle school. By making the book seem like a diary, it helps the readers get a better understanding of Greg’s life and connect with the character.   


The Diary of a Wimpy Kid although mostly a comedy piece, also demonstrates many universal themes such as friendship, family and many more. The book not only helps the reader get a good laugh but also teaches many lessons along the way.   



Overall, the book The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a very well-written and engaging book that anyone who likes comedy can read. This book can be engaging for all ages as anyone can connect to Greg Heffley’s experiences. The book, although mostly a comedy, also teaches many valuable lessons for the younger audience and is overall very humorous and engaging. 


Reviewed by Tanish P. 

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