Book Review: Experiments With Electricity And Magnetism

By Robert Gardner 

4 Stars 

The book Experiments With Electricity And Magnetism by Robert Gardner is a practical guide for young scientists (like me), students and curious individuals. This book teaches children about electricity and magnetism through hands-on experiments. The approach of Gardener through this book is both engaging and informative as his experiments allow young readers to understand complex concepts through hands-on activities. For some of the experiments, you may need a parent/guardian or any adult since some of the activities are risky and need supervision. But other than that, Experiments With Electricity And Magnetism isn't just experiments; it also explains the back stories of these concepts. This allows the reader to understand the evolution of these phenomena over time.  



In my opinion, the book is amazing since I'm a science enthusiast myself, and the experiments and concepts explained in the book were really engaging and kept me interested for most of the time, but I still would say that one thing was missing in this book and that would be the lack of visual representations and diagrams as it especially helps younger readers or people that are visual learners. Again, Gardner's approach is all-inclusive and pleasing, but not every book is perfect, so the inclusion of diagrams would help readers understand the steps and what actually has to be made. Overall, Experiments With Electricity And Magnetism by Robert Gardner is an excellent book choice and is something I recommend for all ages and for those who are trying to grasp the knowledge of electricity and magnetism. 


Reviewed by Ghasif 

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