Book Review: Girl in Pieces

By Kathleen Glasgow 

5 Stars 

Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow is a heartfelt, raw and beautifully written novel that follows seventeen-year-old Charlotte “Charlie” Davis on her recovery journey from self-harm and suicide tendencies. The story opens with Charlie being admitted to a treatment center for her suicide attempt and flows into her being discharged and restarting her life in a new state. Readers slowly discover her rocky past while watching her relearn herself through her art, which she uses as an outlet for her overwhelming experiences.   

 Her inner voice is amazingly unique and suits her and her past perfectly; she has hints of wit, poetry and teenagerhood in her thoughts. The supporting characters are developed thoroughly, almost like an onion, and shape Charlie’s decisions along with moving the plot. While staying realistic, the story shows the worst of humanity while demonstrating that it is possible to heal from even rock bottom; there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Girl In Pieces is human; it is one of the most honest and real novels I have ever read. It has a stunning poetic style of writing and repeats the same motifs over and over until their meaning changes. You will find yourself sobbing near the end as the plot twist happens and drinking the words off of every page as you watch Charlie traverse her issues with her past traumas. These traumas are the worst thing possible that could happen to a teenage girl, yet the story makes it so true and emotional; it is empowering for readers who have gone/are going through similar experiences. A must-read, a 6 star. 

Reviewed by Monica 

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