Book Review: Hatchet

By Gary Paulsen 

5 Stars 

Hatchet, a breathtaking survival novel by Gary Paulsen, captures the attention of readers as it tells the story of 13-year-old Brian Robeson and his unexpected journey into the wild. The captivating narrative begins with a sudden twist of fate, leaving Brian stranded in the Canadian wilderness. Armed only with a hatchet gifted by his mother, Brian is thrust into a life-changing adventure. Paulsen expertly crafts an absorbing narrative that illustrates the trials and triumphs of Brian's experience in the great outdoors. The author's descriptions of the Canadian wilderness draw readers into the heart of the story, effectively immersing them in Brian's quest to persevere.

A standout aspect of Hatchet is its character development. Throughout the novel, readers witness Brian's transformation as he confronts various challenges and adapts to his new environment. His journey demonstrates the strength of perseverance and highlights the importance of adaptability in unfamiliar situations. The pacing of the novel is another commendable element. Paulsen maintains a consistent tempo, skillfully alternating between high-stakes action and introspective moments that contribute to character growth. This rhythm keeps readers engaged and invested in the story, eager to uncover the outcome of Brian's journey. Hatchet is an incredible coming-of-age story that is great for readers across generations. Its compelling themes and gripping narrative make it an essential read for young adults and adults alike. Without revealing any spoilers, it is safe to say that Hatchet is an unforgettable tale of survival, resilience, and personal growth that will leave a lasting impact on all who read the book.   

Reviewed by Cole P. 

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