Book Review: Lord of the Flies

By William Golding 

4 Stars 

A fascinating book that examines the darkest aspects of human nature is Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding. The book portrays a group of British schoolboys who become stuck after their plane crashes onto an island. This happened in the midst of a nuclear war, and so the boys were being evacuated, but then the plane crashed onto an unnamed island. The primary characters in this book are Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Simon and Roger. They initially try to establish rules and order by choosing a leader and assigning tasks. However, as time passes and their prospects of being saved become fewer, their civilization begins to crumble. Lord of the Flies is a horrifying investigation of human nature in severe situations, posing issues with power, ethical behaviour, and the underworld that lies beneath society's surface. The novel explores the brittleness of social conventions and the acts of violence that even the most innocent people are aware of. The story gets more dramatic as the boys' fear of the unfamiliar develops, with tragic consequences. The character Jack portrays the natural desire for power and control, whereas Ralph stands for order and equality. The increasing control of the "beast" and the lads' painted characteristics symbolize the society's fall into savagery. The book serves as a warning about the risks of unlimited authority and the possibility for savagery when society structures fail due to its strong themes and fascinating character storylines. However, the boys were able to control the situation and survive the terrible catastrophe quite quickly.  

Reviewed by Alex 

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