Book Review: Music for Tigers

By Michelle Kadarusman

5 Stars

Louisa, a devoted violinist who aspires to join the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra. She is sent to spend the summer with her mother's Australian relatives. Louisa initially finds adjusting to living at the family's remote camp in the Tasmanian rainforest challenging. Pig-footed bandicoots, spooky spiders, mysterious notices, orders in the night, an intriguing boy named Colin, a fantastic chef, and her peculiar Uncle Ruff with an unusual pet who dodges all Louisa's questions are among the many bizarre events. Louisa discovers Convict Rock as the plot develops and discovers that her great-grandmother Eleanor built a sanctuary there for Tasmanian tigers. Everyone believes that Tasmanian tigers have been declared extinct since the last one, Benjamin, died in 1936. Though hidden in Convict Rock, one tiger remains. The last Tasmanian tiger must be lured to safety since a mining operation is now endangering the sanctuary. Her great-grandmother was the last person in their family to lure the tiger. Louisa begins to think that her music is the key to luring the tiger due to a few incidents during her stay.  

I enjoyed this book a lot. It is a fantastic story that is the perfect length for new readers with such a beautiful storyline and a wide range of characters with unique personalities and talents. You can see throughout the book how much Louisa deepens her connection with her family land and history through her great-grandmother's journal and stories shared by her loving relatives. It is fascinating to see how much she has changed, started to admire, and gained respect for nature and the environment around her. Soon after, she meets a wonderful friend with whom she quickly develops a deep friendship. It's heartwarming to see their relationship in how they teach different things they know and encourage each other to overcome their fears and anxieties. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a beautiful short story that will be stuck to heart even after closing the book. 

Reviewed by Harini 

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