Book Review: My Summer of Love and Misfortune

By Lindsay Wong 

This book talks about a shopping-addicted Chinese-American teen who is currently facing the worst phase of her life. Since birth, she has been considered bad luck and neglected by her parents. Let's say being born in the year of the Tiger as a girl is the worst situation possible in Chinese culture. Her phase consists of receiving more than eight rejected college applications, getting backstabbed and cheated on by her boyfriend and best friend, and failing her classes. That seemed to reach the tip of the iceberg with her parents since they decided to send her to Beijing, China, to live with her uncle, whom she had never met in her entire life.

According to her parents, it was to find herself, reconnect with her roots and culture, and be the better version of herself. Iris Wang and her love for Chinese dumplings and shopping never ends. Other than her snobby cousin, she seems to be enjoying her life. As she meets her handsome Mandarin tutor, he shows her that life is not all about shopping and binge-eating the whole day. But the more time she spends, the more she learns about her true eternal purpose. But her luxurious life in Beijing takes an unexpected turn when she learns about the family disagreement between her father and grandfather. Feeling something was missing, she knew she had to reunite her family at any cost. Will she rekindle what was lost and figure out who she wants to be? It is a ridiculously funny, strong romance, inspiring, and relatable tale written by Lindsay Wong. 

Reviewed by Aahana 

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