Book Review: Projekt 1065

by Alan Gratz

4 Stars

Projekt 1065: A Novel of World War II is a book written by the author Alan Gratz. This book is a historical fiction book which incorporates real-life events that occurred during WWII and adds fiction to the events to make the story thrilling and interesting. The book offers a unique perspective on the war through the eyes of a young protagonist as well as through the use of other characters and well-researched history of the war.   


The story is set in 1943 and follows the life of Michael O’Shaunessey, a young 13-year-old boy’s life in Berlin during WWII. Michael, along with his family, is a spy for the Allies and he gets a chance to attend the prestigious Adolf Hitler School in Berlin. Michael sees this as an opportunity to gain valuable intel for the Allies. As he navigates through Nazi Germany as an undercover spy, his life changes as his values, motifs and beliefs are tested through his internal conflict.   


Alan Gratz uses a fast-paced writing style which helps the story keep moving and keeps the readers engaged and interested in the story. As the story was supported by well-done research on the war, the events in the war, although fictitious, seem very real, as if they really happened.   


The characters in the story are well-developed. The protagonist, Michael, grows throughout the story becoming a better person, and realizing new things throughout the story. Following Michael’s personal story is very compelling and thought-provoking, making the readers question some ideals.   

The story of “Project 1065” is very historically accurate which allows the reader to learn more about the war. The story allows the reader to understand what really happened during WWII and helps the reader get a better understanding about the lives of people during the brutal war.   


“Projekt 1065” is a very engaging and thrilling historical fiction novel for anyone interested in learning about WWII. Alan Gratz’s writing style and the plot of the novel make this book stand out in this genre and make it more appealing to read for those who are interested in history. 


Reviewed by Tanish P.

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