Book Review: The City of Ember

By Jeanne DuPrau 

4 Stars 

The City of Ember is about an underground city that "The Builders" made for 200 years in fear their world would fall into danger. So they made Ember. After 200 years, the city always had blackouts and power outages. So the Builders made instructions on how to leave Ember, which were handed down from mayor to mayor for 153 years. It was lost for another 88 years in a closet of a yarn shop until it was discovered in the year 241 by Lina Mayfleet.

After Lina found the instructions, her sister Poppy tore the paper and chewed it, making some of the letters disappear. Lina and her friend Doon Harrow then figured out the instructions and led themselves out of Ember, hoping to lead the rest of the people out of the dying city. The book gives off a lot of curiosity about what to expect next since it ends on a cliffhanger. This really intrigues the reader to continue instead of putting the book down and going to read something else. It is also book number one in the series, so it'll make anyone excited to read the rest of the series. It's perfect for anyone 8-14 years old. It also has a movie, which is great to go along with the book. The movie is just as good as the book and doesn't keep out any important events in the book. So when you are done with the first book, read the next one and continue the adventures of Doon and Lina.  

Reviewed by Adi 

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