Book Review: The Cruel Prince

by Holly Black

4 Stars 

The Cruel Prince is the first book in the trilogy, best categorized as a fantasy book with a subplot of romance; this book is suitable for teens and young adults. The series follows Jude and her adventures through the land of Faerie after her parent’s deaths. Stolen from her mortal world, she knows she does not fit in but tries to disguise her many weaknesses as her strengths. In doing so, she forms a rivalry with Prince Carden, not fearing him as she should; they have magic and immortality. In comparison, she is nothing really. In their many attempts to sabotage, humiliate and destroy each other, they also form an alliance of sorts, which leaves them both partners of a grand scheme neither is inclined to like.

Because the main plot is not romance, the book does not grow boring and could be considered a slow burn for readers who like catching on to small details in the text. The book on its own is overrated, but as part of the trilogy, it is very much worth the read and lives up to the expectations. The ending is tied up nicely and leaves room for readers to conclude parts of the story as they like, however also intriguing enough for readers to continue to the next book from. Personally, the book was very enjoyable as my first fantasy read; it was easy to understand and not too overwhelming, with the character’s development written nicely to help better understand the mythical world and its logic.   

Reviewed by Evelyn 

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