Book Review: The Darkest Minds

By Alexandra Bracken 

3 Stars 

This book is a gripping dystopian novel that takes you into a world where the young have extraordinary powers and are feared by the government. This thrilling adventure paints a picture of society in utter chaos, offering readers a balance of emotion, action and social commentary. The story is centered around a young girl named Ruby, a teenager that survives a mysterious disease that leaves her with powerful psychic abilities. In the wake of the epidemic, the government rounds up young survivors into camps and splits them into colour-coded categories based on their varying degrees of power. Ruby manages to escape her camp and joins a group of fellow fugitive teens on the run. The author skillfully weaves together themes of friendship, trust and the desire of freedom in the midst of political oppression. Readers can find themselves deeply invested in Ruby's journey throughout the story. The novel is well-paced, and readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats with every twist and turn. One feature I really enjoyed about the book was how the author was able to evoke genuine emotion even in situations that seemed impossible to relate to, and the characters' struggles, losses and moments of vulnerability add to the dystopian setting, making it feel all too real. While the novel has a good pace, readers might find that the pacing slows down in certain settings and makes the narrative feel a bit dragged out. Additionally, the setting building could have been further expanded on, making the dystopian landscape more comprehensible. All in all, The Darkest Minds is an amazing, thrilling, and emotionally charged journey that takes readers through a world of danger, unlikely friendships and oppression; despite a few minor shortcomings, it is an extremely engaging must-read for all dystopian fans. 

Reviewed by Addison 

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