Book Review: The Final Offer

By Lauren Asher 

5 Stars 

In the Dreamland Billionaire series, The Final Offer is the third and final book. I enjoyed reading this book because despite its length, it moved quickly, and it was easy to read. The book literally consumed me in one sitting. My favourite part of the storyline between Cal and Alana was reading the dialogue that occurred among them. Moreover, I read about Alana's evolving relationship with Cal and his willingness to grow as an individual. Through this, Cal was able to win Alana's heart a second time. Cal had demonstrated his commitment to Alana and his efforts to understand her better and improve as a person. This, in combination with his genuine love, helped him earn her trust and, ultimately, her love once again. Alana eventually recognized that Cal was not the same person he was when they first met. His remarkable transformation was the result of his commitment and dedication to her


Cal's willingness to learn and grow was a testament to his love for Alana. It was this that allowed him to regain her trust and heart. Lana is a strong and amazing woman, a wonderful mother, and an amazing role model for Cami. It is clear that Lana has a big heart and is always willing to go the extra mile for those she loves. Cami is adorable and sweet, and I absolutely adore her. Cami is forever in awe of her mother's strength, and her admiration for Lana has no bounds - something Cal admires greatly. Consequently, I had a blast reading the Dreamland Billionaire series by Lauren Asher. It was an intriguing concept and highly captivating.   

Reviewed by Kanak 

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