Book Review: The Summoning

By Kelly Armstrong 

4 Stars 

The book talks about a 15-year-old girl who can see and connect with ghosts. The story starts with a rich girl who lost her mother when she was young. Leaving her to be raised by her aunt and father. Since childhood, she has had strange encounters, such as the boogeyman in the closet and creepy strangers reaching out to her out of nowhere. Her mother gave her an amulet to protect her from unprecedented harm, as trouble follows her wherever she goes. A horrifying encounter with a dead janitor at school was enough to make her dad and everyone else believe that she needed serious help. She gets sent to the Lynn Home, which takes care of children and their psychological needs. According to them to get rid of it, chores, schoolwork, and strict mentoring are the ways to increase productivity. Although the place seems uncomfortably pleasant in its interior, it is unsettling on the exterior. The girl feels that there is more to the place and healing methods than the counsellors and therapists are letting on. The kids seem normal, although some are weird. But as one of her friends goes missing, she begins dreaming of her as if she is trying to communicate something. The creepy janitor shows up more as if she can summon ghosts at any given moment. With this newfound power, she unlocks the secrets to the dark and unforgiven pasts winded up in this so-called safe home. It is a wonderful thriller with spine-tingling twists and turns, portrayed beautifully with Armstrong's powerful writing. 

Reviewed by Aahana 

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