Book Review: The Three-Body Problem

By Liu Cixin 

5 Stars

The Three-Body Problem is a sci-fi novel which describes the conflict between humans and aliens. It is the prelude before the real battle between the three-body aliens and the humans, which is fully described in the other two books in the series. Liu Cixin has not written anything about the future world in the book. He described the time of the Great Culture Revolution and the time of 2007, and the factors which led to the total conflict between the three-body aliens and humans.  

Although it is a prelude, it is still fascinating and mind-blowing. Liu Cixin has created vivid characters like Ye Wenjie, Shi Qiang, Wang Miao and so on. Using these characters, Liu fully pictured a time that is pressured by the threat of the three-body aliens. Under this deadly threat, humans were in great panic. Some of them commit suicide in despair, some of them tried to stand up and fight, and some of them are determined to welcome the three-bodies as their new saviour. The conflict between humans and humans was triggered, and the three-bodies were still on their way to capture the earth. With this vivid story, readers may get so nervous about the fate of the Earth. Will the humans protect their home successfully, and if they fail, what will come next?  

Liu Cixin has pictured us a pressured world, threatened by three-body aliens and humans that believe the aliens will become the saviour. It is a perfect prelude to the total war between the humans and the three-body aliens. 


Reviewed by Stanley 

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