Book Review: The Unwanteds: Island of Legends

by Lisa McMann

In the fourth book of the New York Times bestselling series, The Unwanteds, comes Island of Legends, a whole new book with twists, turns, and of course, magic. During the chaos in Artime of the sky vessel crashing into the water during the masquerade ball, Aaron sneaks away into the tubes and finds himself deep in the jungle, where he discovers a powerful secret that could change the course of the struggle between Artime and Quill. After a time, he comes up with a new, terrible plan for eliminating the Unwanteds using this newfound power. Meanwhile, Alex and his friends prepare to fight, as Queen Eagala's army comes after Artime to take back Lani, Samheed, Sky and Crow. However, Alex hasn't forgotten his promise to Sky, and the Unwanteds begin to plan how to rescue Copper, Sky and Crow's mother, travel to the rest of the islands, and hope they find more allies than foes. Alex has been going through Mr. Today's journals and finds a powerful spell that could help Artime in a sea of enemies, but will it backfire? And will the Unwanteds ever find more allies? As Aaron's plan grows, Queen Eagala attacks, and Gondoleery grows stronger in secret, will the Unwanteds solve the new mysteries? 

Island of Legends is one of the best in the series so far. With an abundance of new characters being introduced, and old ones evolving and sharing more of their stories, one can feel connected to the book. Island of Legends has many new mysteries to solve and places to explore as the Unwanteds travel through the islands in search of allies. With Quill still a threat, and Wabler starting to attack, one can only hope they find more help. This book is ideal for anyone who enjoys action, clues, adventure, friendship, and of course, magic.

Reviewed by Kyle M.

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