Book Review: The Unwanteds: Island of Shipwrecks

by Lisa McMann

The fifth book of the New York Times bestselling series, The Unwanteds, is a new book filled with friends, enemies, and magic. After falling off the world's edge trying to follow Lani’s map, Alex and his friends end up back in the ocean, on the other side of the world, with a whole new set of islands and mysteries. Shortly after they recover, they hit a hurricane, and their ship crashes, leaving Artime’s most powerful mages stranded on an empty island surrounded by shipwrecks. However, they find the land to be inhabited and gain more questions than answers, and Henry discovers a powerful tool that could save the Unwanteds or destroy them. As the hurricane rages on the Island of Shipwrecks, Aaron has to come to terms with the decision he made and the guilt he has for Eva Fathom’s death. Fueled with more anger, he makes an alliance with a powerful ally and prepares for the final battle with the Unwanteds. However, across the sea, pirates hunt for Alex and plan on capturing him for taking Copper and freeing the sea creatures. As Gondoleery plans to put her plans into action and Aaron prepares to eliminate the Unwanteds for the last time, Alex has to figure out how to get home soon. 

Island of Shipwrecks is fantastic, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in fantasy and enjoys a story that they wish could go on forever. This story shows how some characters struggle with their guilt over things they have done in the past and the secrets they have that could change everything. As the story progresses, you feel the helplessness of the characters, as they have no means to escape the island, and a battle is on the horizon.

Reviewed by Kyle M.

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