Book Review: The Unwanteds

by Lisa McMann

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann is about two 13-year-old twins from the land of Quill; Aaron, a Wanted, soon to be sent off to the university to train to be a part of the Quillitary, an army so fearsome that no outsiders dare to cross the walls and chain-link dome that protects Quill. Alex, an Unwanted, is sent to his death for being too creative, like the other twenty Unwanteds from the annual Purge. In Quill, creativity is a crime and the high Priest Justine sends all thirteen-year-old children to death in the Great Lake of Boiling Oil each year. However, the Death Farmer, Mr. Today, has a secret. Every year he saves the Unwanteds from death by hiding them in his magical world of Artime, where they can express their creativity safely from the Governor's watchful eyes. Not only is art abundant, but with it comes a variety of magic and a life so different from the one in Quill. When Alex and his friends Lani and Meghan realize they are free, Alex has a new goal; to save Aaron from Quill. 

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure, friendship, and magic. The story shows a contrast through Aaron and Alex's view of the desolate, strict Quill and the creative carefree Artime. It shows that creativity is just as important as intelligence and strength. Throughout the story, you also meet a variety of important and unique characters designed carefully to bring the story together. As the cast develops and changes, you are always excited to see what happens next. After all, in the world of Artime, anything can happen.

Reviewed by Kyle M.

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