Book Review: The Way of the Monk: The Four Steps to Peace, Purpose, and Lasting Happiness

By Gaur Gopal Das 

4 Stars 

The novel The Way of the Monk: The Four Steps to Peace, Purpose, and Lasting Happiness, by globally recognized inspirational speaker and Indian monk Gaur Gopal Das, displays purpose, improving relationships, and how to develop the monk mindset. With remarkable tranquillity, rich insight, and captivating humour, he prepares us to face our current worries. Along with finding inner peace while giving back to others. As well as altering your perspective on the life you desire to live. Subjecting you to how life can be the greatest thing. Along with delivering views on how to cope with your challenges in the most wise and effective approaches. Through the way, he sheds light on these themes by sharing personal stories that relate to the primary topics. In addition to having a primary story that covers all of the book's subjects matters.  


In addition to my time spent reading, I would describe this book in three words: resourceful, layered, and expressive. The lessons I learned from this book are incredible, ranging from prioritizing yourself and others to being optimistic in all situations and discovering your life's purpose. I also like how the author included his own experiences that link back to the chapter's topic. This is an ideal way for authors to connect with their audience. Along with providing a major experience that encompassed all of the book's key features. Which, as a result, was done very smoothly and precisely. As well as his s ense of humour is also present throughout the book. Overall, reading Gaur Gopal Das for the first time was a terrific experience for me, and I would suggest this book to anybody, yet 14-year-olds and up would most likely benefit from it. 


Reviewed by Zaynab 

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