Book Review: The Wicked King

By Holly Black 

4 Stars 

The second book of its trilogy, The Wicked King, is a fantasy book developing on the same plot as its former and adding more to the subplot of romance while still giving it a slow burn. Like The Cruel Prince (first book), the story follows the main character, Jude. Due to the outcome of her previous adventure, she is now going by the title of the king’s right hand while secretly being the power of the crown itself. She uses the power not for herself but for her brother, Oak, whom she intends to place as king. Many problems arise, and feuds are created between the land and sea. Jude finds herself growing closer to Carden and becoming the person in between the feud unintentionally.

Many enemies are made. Even her adoptive father, Madoc, is very unwelcoming after their last encounter and becomes more so after he discovers she is in control of the power he wants. Apart from the text, The Wicked King as a book shares many qualities with The Cruel Prince; the ending was loose enough to draw my own conclusion and simultaneously left such a cliffhanger to continue. And it was just as difficult to put down. Turned out to be an accidental quick read because of how captivating it was. Personally, though The Cruel Prince was really good, The Wicked King was better as the characters were already introduced in the first book, leaving more room for the plot itself. But even after the characters were introduced, many continued to have further developments, which added to the suspense and twists in the book.   

Reviewed by Evelyn 

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