Book Review: Twilight

by Stephanie Meyer

Twilight follows seventeen-year-old Bella Swan as she leaves Arizona and moves in with her father in the gloomy Pacific North-West town of Forks. She is not expecting to like it there. She has given enough reasons over the past few years not to go there. Not only that, but she will have to find new friends and adjust to a new school. Bella rapidly establishes some new acquaintances at school, but she is immediately attracted when she notices a boy named Edward Cullen seated with his siblings in the cafeteria. Even though Edward is nearly unfathomably gorgeous and beautiful, he is also an outcast. Despite living in Forks for two years, Edward and his family have never completely been acknowledged by the locals. When they initially meet, Edward is distant; at moments, it almost seems as though he can't bear to be in the same room with her. However, over time, they develop an unexpected bond. Bella still isn't able to figure out exactly what makes Edward so unique from everyone else, despite the fact that she falls madly and completely in love with him. Bella learns about the 'cold ones,' which is an Indigenous legend about vampires. She knows that although Edward is a vampire, it has no bearing as to how much she still absolutely adores him. Everyone in Edward's family are vampires. Even though it occurred at the close of World War I, Edward too was turned into a vampire at the age of seventeen. Edward's adoration for Bella is mostly a joy and a source of pain to him. She is the very first woman he has adored since transforming into a vampire, which makes loving her a pleasure. A pain because, notwithstanding the swearing off human blood and exclusively hunting wildlife, his thirst for human blood never really decreases, and the slightest smell of her gratifies it further.  

Although the book is targeted at young adults, it may be appreciated by audiences of all ages and will appeal to both teenagers and adults. Bella and Edward's bond is endearing and captivating. Their inconceivable love has a melancholy air to it, yet they both refuse to give up the belief that their union would survive. The tension in the novel rises to a ridiculous level as Bella and Edward's relationship transforms into a desperate struggle for survival. I personally was immediately drawn to Edward from the get-go, and never thought otherwise. If you’re looking for a book series to get emotionally and physically attached to, I would deeply recommend giving this a try.

Reviewed by Sara D.

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