Book Review: Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.

By Lily Collins 

5 Stars 

Unfiltered is a book written by actress and anti-bullying advocate Lily Collins, best categorized as an autobiographical memoir. By writing this book, she makes others feel just a little less alone by being vulnerable and tackling issues she feels are taboo. One of the many issues being mental health. This book is suitable for all ages, especially fitting teens and young adults. From learning at a young age she was different, The book follows an incredibly strong woman, Lily Collins, through all her experiences with pain, sharing that even now being better than she previously was, she still and for a long time ahead, will be digging her way out of a pit of the trauma she has been through when she was younger.

Her struggles include her estranged dad, Phil Collins, her move to a new country, fights against her own mental health, and even the anxiety brought on by her traumatic dating experience with abusive ex-boyfriends. Lily Collins has truly been through it all and is not terrified of being vulnerable to everyone struggling. She is the definition of turning weakness into her strength. Because no matter the cause for Lily, it is all about shining a light on all the topics not often brought to light. In this book, she manages to share a load of funny and sombre moments while still keeping the book an interesting, entertaining and a fun read. Personally, I think this book was underrated and is a great read that was also very easy to understand and definitely worth your time.   

Reviewed by Celestia 

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