Manga Review: Blue Period

By Tsubasa Yamaguchi 

5 Stars 

Tsubasa Yamaguchi is the author and illustrator of this manga series, which has grown to be one of my all-time favourites and among the best manga I have ever had the pleasure of reading. First, let's discuss the plot; Yatora Yaguchi, a teenage boy who is a fairly popular and intelligent student who excels in school, is the main character. However, he struggles in secret with feeling empty and despair. He is motivated to pursue art after seeing a piece created by a classmate at his high school's art club. After finishing high school, he hopes to enroll at the Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA).  

This series has so many wonderful aspects, starting with the incredibly beautiful and unique art. Since I usually dislike the typical "anime/manga" art style, this was a breath of fresh air. As an artist, I think this manga does a fantastic job of capturing what it's like to be an artist, especially a beginning one. It was nice to see a manga accurately depict some of the experiences that many artists have, such as the feelings of insecurity you have when looking at other people's artwork or the constant refrain of "you can't make a living off of art," but it shouldn't matter because you're doing what you love.  

The characters are all extremely complex and interesting; they each have their own stories to share and aren't just there to support the main character. There is also excellent LGBTQ+ representation that doesn't come across as forced, sexualizing, or unauthentic. Absolutely 5 Stars! 

Reviewed by Tayyeba 

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