Movie Review: Avatar

Directed by James Cameron

5 Stars

The wonderful movie Avatar is a science fiction/action movie that takes place in a world far away from Earth called Pandora in the year of 2154.

Jake Sully, who is a fictional character in the movie Avatar, is a paralyzed Marine veteran. Even though he might be injured, he still has a heart of a warrior. Jake is recruited by the U.S. military to travel light years to Pandora where a rare mineral can be found. That mineral can solve the Earth's energy crisis. But little did Jake know, the planet Pandora was owned by the Na'vis, who are indigenous species. Jake's mission was to control and gain access to the Na'vis, who were becoming a big problem in obtaining the ore(mineral). The US military developed an Avatar very identical to the Na'vis. This would help the humans communicate better with them. The United States had a very dangerous plan in mind. They were planning on mining and depleting Pandora's resources. While Jake was on his entertaining/dangerous journey, he meets a very beautiful Na'vi female, who he eventually falls in love with. Jake Sully faces a hard challenge. He really wants to stay in his avatar form after falling in love but is not sure what to do.

Overall, I would give this movie a 5/5. It has almost everything I wanted. It had action, romantic scenes and it had many themes which I loved. It contained themes such as conflicts between humans and nature etc. I would recommend this movie to ages 12+.

Reviewed by Hasan Q.

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