Movie Review: Five Feet Apart

Directed by Justin Baldoni

4.5 Stars

The movie Five Feet Apart, directed by Justin Baldoni, follows Stella Grant, a fun-loving seventeen-year-old cystic fibrosis patient whose life is filled with routine and boundaries. Stella meets Will Newman, a charming teenage boy that has the same illness as her. They develop an instant connection even though they must keep a safe distance between them. To reduce the risk of cross-infection that can potentially be dangerous and life-threatening, cystic fibrosis patients are strictly kept six feet apart. As Will and Stella begin to fall for each other, they secretly go on their first date and stay only five feet apart from each other. Their intensifying feelings for each other build an irresistible temptation to disregard the rules and break the boundaries.

This film moved me to tears and was truly touching from the romance, heartache, and illness. The movie gave me an insight into the struggles those suffering from chronic diseases have to endure, which was very inspirational. The overall storyline was beautiful and hopeful, giving the audience an eye-opener into the life of individuals suffering from cystic fibrosis and the challenges they must overcome every day. The main actors, Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson did a phenomenal job portraying teens with cystic fibrosis, and their emotions within the film felt so real. Five Feet Apart is a fantastic movie that I would recommend to anyone, as it is not only an entertaining young love story but is also a great learning experience about people that are suffering from this chronic illness.

Reviewed by Emily K.

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