Movie Review: Parasite

directed by: Bong Joon-Ho

5 Stars

The Kim family lives in a half basement, their phone bill is expired, they have no internet, and they make money by folding pizza boxes. The Park family lives in a multi-million-dollar mansion, their lights are motion-activated, and they’re hiring. Kim Ki-Woo, the eldest son of the Kim family, was hired as a tutor with a friend’s recommendation and a fake degree. The rest of the Kim family gets hired through trickery as well. One becomes an “art therapist” for the youngest son of the Park family, another becomes the driver after the old one gets framed as a pervert, and the last becomes the housekeeper after the previous housekeeper gets “tuberculosis” through a peach allergy that is misreported by the Kim family. Will they be able to keep this charade? Or will the dark secrets of the Park family home uncover their deceit?

This is a wonderful film; no wonder it won the best picture nomination for 2020. My favourite part of the film is its cinematography, and the film uses hard lines like a gap between windows or a door and the wall to represent the divide between rich and poor. The Kim house is mostly green to represent its dirtiness, while the Park house is mostly white to represent its cleanliness; however, it also has a feeling of something underlying; the Park house also feels alive in some way. The film is funny, too; there’s a lot of comedy in between stressful scenes to give the audience a break and to surprise them with another stressful scene right after the comedic one. I feel the film explores its themes well, and it is generally a great film, which I will watch again in the future, many more times. 

Reviewed by Gavin 

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