Movie Review: The Boy

Directed by William Brent

4 Stars

This movie was all right to watch with friends or family, but personally, I wouldn't say it's the scariest movie. If we are talking from a one to ten scale of "how scary it is" then I give it a four out of ten. There are some scenes where they play scary background music to give suspense but nothing as scary to give you nightmares. It's a film where you can like or dislike it, where perhaps you may be expecting a film just like Chucky or Annabelle (scary dolls) but it's nothing like it.  

 But it's a type of film where it fits into the genre of horror and mystery, and it's an original which is great to watch something new. Although there are some scenes and dialogues that are missing or gaps in between the storyline which can leave you in a questionable state -it does leave a plot twist which can be a thrill and might impress you. But I can't guarantee that you'll enjoy it because, in my opinion, it's a letdown.  


It's a film where it does go into suspense and fear feeling for a moment but throughout the entire film, it's more of a letdown when you reach the end. But don't get me wrong, I do believe that it's a great concept of a film for its originality and great characters (like Lauren Cohan), but some scenes may feel like they are mashed together and lose their unique spine-tingler feeling where you watched other horror films such as Chucky and Annabelle. Overall, I personally wouldn't watch it again. 


Reviewed by Brando M. 

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