Great Canadian Giving Challenge

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Together, we can change lives!

Imagine being unemployed and not having internet access. Think about what a disadvantage that would be when applying for jobs in today's world.

What if you needed to go back to school? With so many demands on your time, online learning may be your only option. Imagine not having access to the internet for your studies.

Your donation to the Wi-Fi hotspot lending program will help fund connectivity costs and open a world of possibilities to someone in need. 


Support a Worthy Cause

Having access to the internet is not a luxury or convenience but a service essential to the quality of our lives. As the internet continues to replace many of the more traditional aspects of our everyday lives, people who cannot afford internet access are disadvantaged. Access to the internet shouldn’t be a privilege.

By making a donation today, you can help those who can’t afford the internet and bridge the digital divide by supporting our Wi-Fi hotspot lending program.


How it Works

From June 1 to June 30, 2023, every $1 you donate, opens a new window to Oshawa Public Libraries automatically gives us a chance to win a $20,000 donation through the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

A random grand prize draw will be held on July 1 to determine the winning charity.

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