Book Review: Loveless

By Alice Oseman 

3 Stars 

Y/A author, Alice Oseman's book Loveless is about Georgia, a university student who has never been in a romantic relationship, never had romantic or sexual feelings for anyone, and has never been kissed, but as a fanfiction-obsessed romantic, she is confident that one day she will meet her match. Georgia is eager to find love, and her "teenage dream" is in sight as she begins university with her best friends Pip and Jason and an outgoing roommate in a brand-new town far from home. Yet as the story progresses, she sets out on a path of self-discovery and acceptance since she struggles with feeling "broken" and "abnormal" in comparison to other people.  


I loved the aromantic and asexual representation in this novel. The author, Alice Oseman, does a good job of capturing the chaotic yet beautiful journey that the main character Georgia takes as she moves from confusion to acceptance of her aro/ace identity. However, the other characters, like Georgia's friends, are more one-dimensional and lack interesting stories and points of view because of the author's simple and easy-to-read writing style. Also, there was a lot of exposition and some awkward dialogue. Still, I enjoyed how the book emphasized the value of platonic relationships and how they are just as important as romantic ones, if not more so. Georgia's friends, how she makes them, and how much love and support they give her. The book addresses sensitive topics like consent, gaslighting, and toxic relationships too.  



I would recommend this book mostly for those searching for or wanting to learn more about aromantic and asexual identities because that’s what the book is really good at. Georgia's experiences and emotions are relatable and authentic, and the novel serves as an important representation of a largely underrepresented identity, The novel is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever felt "different" or "broken". Highly recommended for a nice and heartfelt coming-of-age story! 


Reviewed by Tayyeba 

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