Book Review: The Passenger to Frankfurt

By Agatha Christie 

4 Stars 

The Passenger to Frankfurt is both dystopian and a mystery at the same time. It also has elements of an alternate historical universe in which Nazis try to reestablish the German Reich. The plot builds up slowly and builds upon itself so that it is not presenting an overwhelming amount of information to the viewer at the same time. The main character is a diplomat from the United Kingdom named Stafford Nye. The story begins with Nye stuck in an airport, waiting for a connecting flight to Frankfurt, Germany, from where he will fly directly to London. Within this airport, he is approached by a young woman resembling his sister, who asks him for a favour. She claims to be working for a secret government organization and claims to have lost her passport. She offers to borrow Nye’s passport as she is in a rush to leave, and in return, he gets to have an out-of-ordinary experience. Nye accepts as he secretly hates boredom and always hopes for something interesting to happen within his boring job. Nye’s acceptance of this trade offer gets him involved in a secret operation to hunt down a cult-like organization that endangers the whole world.   

 The story is very well-paced and places subtle hints for the reader to try and vainly piece together. There are many interesting characters, such as Nye and the woman at the airport. Nye is interesting as a main character as he appears plain on the surface but has many unique and interesting thoughts. Nye is a reflection of the story, plain on the surface but rich with detail underneath. Thus, I recommend this book if you like mystery series. 

 Reviewed by Ibrahim 

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