Book Review: Hatch

By Kenneth Oppel 

5 Stars 

Hatch by Kenneth Oppel is the second book in the Overthrow trilogy. Just when they thought it was over, it started all over again. At the end of Bloom - the book preceding Hatch - Anaya, Petra, and Seth celebrated their victory against the black grass. But their victory was extremely short-lived. It began to rain - again. But the rain droplets weren't normal. They bounced once they hit the surface of the earth, they were translucent, and they were quite large in size. After a few seconds, it was clearly understood: these weren't rain droplets; they were eggs. Everyone soon realized that each egg carried catastrophe. They hatched into insects larger than the egg they were originally in. The insects were extremely hard to eliminate. And they were capable of destruction. Meanwhile, Anaya, Petra, and Seth's unique immunity was seen as suspicious by nearly the entire population. Because of this, these three teens and others like them were buried in a government lab, hidden from public knowledge. But through tests that were conducted on them, the teenagers learned more about themselves. They all came to the conclusion that they were much more powerful than they would have ever thought. What's more, they might be incredibly valuable assets in the battle against these cryptogenic invasions. Escape was their only option, but it was much harder than it seemed. What would they do? Even if they succeeded in their escape, what would happen next? Would anyone help them?  

This dystopian novel is a page-turner and highlights the themes of trust, self-identity, and courage. Hatch has become one of my top 5 favourite books. Out of the three books in this series, I definitely enjoyed this one the most. By showing the perspectives of Anaya, Petra, and Seth, Oppel keeps readers on their toes, not able to predict what will happen next. I finished reading this book even faster than Bloom just because it was so interesting. I suggest this book to people who are interested in mystery, sci-fi, or dystopian stories. I confidently rate this book at 5 stars and have recommended it to others!   

Reviewed by Sarah 

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