Book Review: The Duke and I

By Julia Quinn 

3 Stars 

The Duke and I, written by Julia Quinn, is a good book for teens and young adults who like the romance genre and period pieces. The Duke and I is the first book in the Bridgerton series, which takes place in the Regency era, the year 1813. It follows mainly Daphne, who is the eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family. She, who has been “out” for two seasons and not yet wed, finds herself in a fake courtship with the Duke of Hastings, Simon. Of course, being the romance book it is, they soon fall for each other and get married. However, marriage is not without its challenges. Daphne had set aside her dreams for Simon, who said he could not give her that dream, but he failed to mention it was his past that chained him and not his inability to grant her the dream.

After watching the show, I picked up the book to give it a go and see just how good the show was as an adaptation. The book, however interesting, did disappoint me though because I found that the show was better and more captivating. That does not mean the book was not worth reading. It was only because the dialogue was not as much as I had hoped for since watching the show. Most of it was written out in a third perspective (how he “burned” for her), but it was never said as it was in the show. Overall, it was an interesting enough read to get me to start reading more books, but it was not the best book of the series.   

Reviewed by Evelyn 

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