Book Review: The Queen of Nothing

By Holly Black 

5 Stars 

Tying off the Folk of the Air trilogy, The Queen of Nothing cannot be missed. The book is written with a plot of fanatical politics and strategy. The Queen of Nothing starts with the main character, Jude, living out her sentence of exile given by Carden. Jude is not one to hold petty grudges, but petty or not, one is held over the high king for abusing her trust. Having grown up in Faerieland, all she wants now is to return, and when the opportunity presents itself, she snatches it nearly without a second thought. In her absence, many things have changed, and she could not predict much of anything anymore, but that will not stop her from taking back her rightful place in power. After reading both The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King, it took no convincing to read The Queen of Nothing. I had grown fond of he characters already and needed to see them get what they deserved, whether it be happy endings or rotting away in the tower of forgetting. Although The Queen of Nothing was a most enjoyable read, there are a few things to note before reading. Firstly, I found that the book was much quicker paced (of course, it was somewhat expected to be since it was three chapters less than the other books), second, The Queen of Nothing is more a romance book than the others, no longer feeling as much of subplot it feels like the underlying plot of the book. Overall, this book was amazing, and I personally agree with it being the best in the trilogy.   

Reviewed by Evelyn 

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