Movie Review: Power Rangers

Directed by Dean Isrealite

4 Stars

Much like 2013’s Man of Steel, Power Rangers, released in 2017 and directed by Dean Israelite, begins with the failure of a previous generation of heroes. The main characters go on to uncover buried spaceships that house all the answers to the powers they have been bestowed. Their conflicts and responsibilities as heroes ensue from there, except the Power Rangers’ inheritance of their abilities isn’t familial but rather subject to five coloured stones which have dictated that five teenagers from Angel Grove be the saviours of their world.

The timeline of this movie is a bit unrealistic, and the fighting scenes, appropriately, aren’t too mature. That being said, it’s a reminder that Power Rangers was, after all, a kids’ superhero series about a band of teenagers. On the bright side, the movie stayed quite true to what details I can recall from the original 1990s series by incorporating chief Power Rangers terms, feats, antagonists, and even the theme song. The positives don’t stop there. The rangers’ suits were nothing short of an upgrade, the graphics were also impressive, and the soundtrack, heroic and intense but also young and hype when it needed to be, was more than effective. Furthermore, despite the movie being relatively short and there are a handful of main characters—which admittedly work well together—it develops them well, giving just enough insight into their individual lives, relationships, pasts, and personalities.

Overall, other than a few minor plot holes, a common occurrence in this genre of movie, it’s a compelling story of teamwork and responsibility as well as loss and triumph in which humorous immaturity and relatability duly shine through. Surprised it didn’t gain more traction after the initial release since it was a fantastic reintroduction of the old show. For ages 13+, I seriously recommend it.

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