Board Mandate

The board of directors (the "Board") of Oshawa Public Libraries (“OPL”) is appointed by The City of Oshawa for the same term as City Council, in accordance with the Public Libraries Act, RSO 1990, c.P.44, and is responsible for the Library system in Oshawa.  


Board  Oshawa Public Library Board 
CEO  The position of Chief Executive Officer 
OPL/Library  Oshawa Public Libraries 


A Board member must be: 

  • a member of the appointing council; or 
  • a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada; 
  • at least eighteen years old; and 
  • a resident of The City of Oshawa 


The Board's primary responsibility is to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service that reflects the unique needs of the community in conjunction with achieving OPL’s strategic objectives.  

While the Board has the authority to make policy and to govern the Library’s affairs, the Board delegates to the CEO of the Library the responsibility for the day-to-day management, including the organization and operation of the Library and its staff.  

The Board also engages each of its standing committees, being the Finance Committee and the Governance Committee, to provide further oversight. 

In addition to these regular committees, the Board may appoint ad hoc committees periodically to address specific matters.  This includes the Strategic Planning Committee, and the CEO Evaluation Committee.  

Other key principal duties include:  

  • Ensure that all decision-making is made in line with the legal, political, financial and community context within which the Library operates; 
  • Appoint a CEO and annually evaluate the performance of the CEO in accordance with OPL’s CEO Performance Review process.  The CEO will also hold the position of Secretary; 
  • Appoint a Treasurer, or equivalent, who will also hold the position as Manager, Accounting, whose responsibilities include:
      • receive and account for all the Board’s money; 
      • open account(s) in the name of the Board in a chartered bank, trust company or credit union approved by the Board; 
      • deposit all monies received by the Board to the credit of the Board’s account; and 
      • disburse money as the Board directs. 
  • Adopt, review and monitor OPL’s Strategic Plan, together with the capital and operating budgets recommended by management to enable the Library to reach its objectives and goals; 
  • Oversee, adopt and review the Library’s by-laws and policies; 
  • Advocates the Library’s role in the community and establishes the Library as an essential service; 
  • Hold regular board meetings at least 7 times each year, and at such other times as it considers necessary; 
  • Fix times and places for Board meetings, call and conduct them in accordance with parliamentary procedures and ensure full and correct minutes are kept in accordance with good corporate governance practices; 
  • Supply an annual report and an annual financial audit to the appropriate Ministry, together with any other reports and/or information required by the Ontario Public Libraries Act or by the Minister. 

Approved: March 2022

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