Use of the Internet and the Computer



The purpose of this policy is to outline the rights and responsibilities of the Oshawa Public Libraries (the “Library”), the responsibilities of the customer, and consequences of inappropriate behavior or illegal activity by customers.  This policy is in keeping with the Library’s Intellectual Freedom Policy.  The Library makes internet workstations, Wi-Fi and technology available for customers in support of our core values.


Oshawa Public Libraries promotes digital literacy by providing Internet access, computer software and technology at all library locations and offers users education through staff assistance, library resources, programming, and instructional documentation. 

The internet provides unregulated access to many resources for different age levels, reflects various points of view, and contains information and opinions that range from reliable and authoritative to controversial or offensive.  The Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessible through the internet and is not responsible for determining that information is acceptable, reliable, and suitable to customers’ needs.  Customers should be aware that some information might not be accurate, complete, age-appropriate or current.


  1. Customers are required to respect the rights of others when publicly accessing internet services in the Library.  Customers should be mindful that they are in a public space shared by people of all ages therefore some content may be offensive or objectionable to some customers. This includes internet access use of a Library computer or a personal device.
  2. Customers are subject to federal, provincial and municipal legislation regulating internet use and must not use the internet for illegal purposes including, and not limited to, copyright violation, any form of pornography and the incitement of hate. The use of the Library’s internet services for these and any other illegal purposes is prohibited.
  3. Customers are responsible for treating Library technology with respect and care to ensure that all persons can enjoy equitable access to all Library resources. If damage or loss occurs, fines may apply.
  4. Misuse of computer equipment and software, either attempting to/or circumventing the Library’s security measures, illegal or inappropriate use of Internet access, or failure to follow posted rules and procedures, will result in loss of Library privileges and may lead to prosecution.
  5. Customers must use their own valid Library card to access the Library computers, or borrow circulating technology.
  6. Internet use will be managed in a manner consistent with the Library’s Guidelines for Use, which is posted in the Library.  The Library reserves the right to modify these guidelines when and where appropriate.
  7. It is the right of the Library to restrict the installation of any software or applications.  This is to preserve the security of the network and intended use of the Library computers.
  8. Any person violating Library rules, misusing internet service, or causing technology risks may be suspended of Library privileges, up to and including exclusion from the Library for a period of time and/or banning with the possibility of prosecution.
  9. All Library staff will be made aware of their obligations under this policy. Training will be provided to the appropriate staff responsible for the administration and application of this policy.
  10. The Library does not gather information on patron use of the internet, online databases or software products, except for generic statistics and optional surveys used to measure use and outcomes, which will assist in future service planning.

Revision Dates: November 2022

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