Program Policy



  1. The Oshawa Public Libraries offers library programs that are educational, cultural, or recreational events intended to provide information of interest or value to members of the Library’s public community. 
  1. The Library is mandated to provide information by various means and in various formats and to make available all points of view including those which may be unpopular or controversial.  The Library may decline to offer programs serving an interest which is in conflict with the Library’s principles concerning access to information, freedom of expression, and the value of the public library institution. Offering a program does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of the ideas contained therein.  
  1. Programs shall not be offered by the Library when the main purpose or effect is commercial gain by a separate interest. 


This policy applies to all Library organized, co-sponsored and partnership events offered to the public by the Oshawa Public Libraries.  This policy does not apply to:  

  • Events that are for the purpose of fundraising 
  • Programs offered by other organizations on Library premises where space is rented and governed by the terms and conditions of the Library’s Facility Rental Policy.  


  1. Programs offered by the Library are designed to showcase the collection, highlight a service, or promote a Library objective or Department role.  Such programs may utilize the skills, experience, knowledge, or talents of individuals from outside the Library.  The genesis, purpose, nature, and conducting of such Library programs, and the eligibility and registration requirements must comply with Board policies. 
  1. Programs designed and/or offered in co-operation with other community organizations or individuals may serve a broader but Library-compatible goal of community information or public service.  The Library reserves the right to read an organization’s bylaws before deciding whether it wishes to offer a program co-operatively. 
  1. The Library strives to offer all Library programs free of charge, as charging for programs creates a participation barrier that excludes some community members.  In some instances, there may be a need to charge for a program.  Charging a fee for a program must receive prior approval from the Library’s CEO. 
  1. The Library may set age or other guidelines for participation in a program when the program is suitable for a particular audience. 
  1. The Library reserves the right to cancel programs as deemed necessary.


Revised: November 19, 2020 


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