Library Use Guidelines

Everyone is welcome at Oshawa Public Libraries.  All who enter are entitled to an environment free from harassment, harm, and abuse. Any behaviour that is disruptive or diminishes the enjoyment and safety of the Library for others may be asked to leave. The Library asks that visitors help us maintain a welcoming environment conducive to learning and community engagement.  

Guidelines with Zero Tolerance

  • Violent, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or harassing language or conduct of any kind 
  • Use or the solicitation of alcohol or illicit drugs, substance abuse, and intoxication   

General Guidelines

Please do not:

  • Leave a child under 10 unattended 
  • Solicit, panhandle, or loiter 
  • Take photographs or videos without Library Management’s permission 
  • Sleep 
  • Enter the Library without shoes or proper attire 
  • Distribute leaflets or post notices without Library Management’s permission 
  • Bring in any animal that is not a service animal 
  • Enter into non-public or staff only areas 
  • Engage in sexual conduct or lewd behaviour 
  • Use or park bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards or similar items inappropriately on Library property 
  • Take Library materials into the washrooms without checking out first 
  • Bathe, shave, or wash clothes 
  • Block aisles, shelves, or any thoroughfare with personal items  
  • Leave items unattended 
  • Use another person’s Library card without their permission 
  • Smoke, including electronic and smoke free cigarettes, inside or within 10 metres of any entrance 
  • Vandalize Library facilities, equipment or materials 
  • Remove Library materials from the building without signing them out

We ask patrons to follow library policies and guidelines, and to abide by any reasonable request from staff or security. Failure to observe these guidelines may result in loss of privileges, expulsion and/or criminal charges. 

The Library is a Scent-Reduced Environment


Revised: November 19, 2020 


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