Donations, Gifts, and Sponsorship Policy

Donations and Gifts 



Oshawa Public Libraries (“OPL”) welcomes and encourages the business community and other organizations to support the Library through donations as well as through the establishment of sponsorships, by providing financial or in-kind contributions for the purpose of enhancing the services, collections and programs that the Library provides for the residents of the City of Oshawa.


A donation or gift is an arrangement where a donor contributes cash and/or in-kind goods or services to the Library without an expectation or requirement of a reciprocal benefit, excluding a tax receipt, as applicable. 

A sponsorship is a mutually beneficial business exchange whereby the sponsor receives value in return for cash and/or products or services in-kind provided to the Library.  Tax receipts are not issued to sponsors.

The Sponsorship Agreement will outline the benefits, roles and responsibilities, fees, duration and other agreed terms of the sponsorship arrangement.


All donations and/or sponsorships will be consistent with OPL’s Mission Statement and goals and will not in any way compromise or contravene any Provincial and/or Federal statute or regulation, or policy of OPL, or reflect negatively on the Library’s public image.  The Library will also follow the Donor Bill of Rights as established by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. 

The Library will not accept donations and/or enter into sponsorship or partnership with companies or person(s) in which the Library Board or the City of Oshawa is involved in current litigation. 



The Library is pleased to receive gifts of cash, materials, items, products or services.  Donors must not have an expectation of having an impact on the policies and practices of the OPL.  The Library may accept unsolicited materials with the understanding that OPL has unconditional ownership of the materials. 


The scope of this policy includes guidelines respecting the acceptance of gifts and donations such as: 

  • Money 
  • Books and other print materials 
  • Audio-visual materials
  • Art and photographic works 
  • Equipment 
  • Other in-kind gifts or services 
  • Property of significant value, such as real estate or securities 
  • Planned gifts, such as willed donations, bequests or endowments.

The Library reserves the right to use the donation in the best interests of the Library.  The Library staff will make decisions regarding the investment, disposition and/or eventual disposal of all donations. 

The Library has no obligation to inform the donor of the disposition of the donated materials, to retain intact, or to reserve special library shelving for, unsolicited gifts or private collections. 

The Library reserves the right to refuse gifts and/or donations which it deems inappropriate or unsuitable for the Library’s mission, goals, objectives and best interests. 

Some donated materials may be provided to the Friends of the Library for use in their annual book sales. 

Official Receipts and Recognition of Support 

Official receipts will be issued to donors for gifts of money received in the amount of $25 or greater.  

For new gifts-in-kind or services-in-kind, an official receipt will be issued for the fair market value or invoiced price.  A copy of any such invoice must be provided before a receipt can be issued. 

For used gifts-in-kind, an official receipt will be issued for the fair market value based on a written appraisal from a qualified appraiser or the Library’s assessment of fair market value.  The Library reserves the right to require the donor to pay the cost of the written appraisal or provide the appraisal to the Library. 

In addition to receiving a tax receipt, all cash donations received in amounts of $1,000 or greater, may be acknowledged as follows: 

Donation   Plaque Type Recognition by OPL 
$1,000+ in cash or in-kind  Wall of Fame  A plaque with name of the donor added to the Library’s Wall of Fame 
$10,000+  Individual  Where possible, a plaque shall also be mounted on or near the object of funding (ie. new equipment, refurbishment, a building improvement, etc.) 

Wall of Fame Plaques – Donations of $1,000+

A permanent display board is mounted at the McLaughlin branch. 

The information on the plaque may include:  

  • The donor’s name 
  • A brief description, such as branch number and/or street name location, sufficient to identify a specific chapter, branch or franchise 
  • The date the donation was received 

There will be no advertising included on the plaques. 

Either a personal name or a corporate name will be used unless the two are combined in a name, which is legal for tax receipt purposes. 

Individual Plaques – Donations of $10,000+ 

A plaque will be displayed at the location of the funded project. 

The information on the plaque may include:  

  • An expression of the Library Board’s gratitude for the donation 
  • The donor’s name and identifying branch or chapter description, if appropriate 
  • The contribution made to the Library by the donation 
  • The amount of the donation 
  • the date the donation was received

The Library Board may choose to incorporate the logo and/or motto of a service group or non-profit organization on the plaque, or the logo of a corporate sponsor. 



Libraries enrich lives, provide information and foster informed communities which are essential to a democratic society. Sponsorships must not undermine the integrity of the non-commercial public space that the Library provides. In developing sponsorship arrangements, the Library will:  

  • not compromise its public service objectives and practices 
  • safeguard the principles of intellectual freedom and equity of access 
  • protect the confidentiality of user records 
  • not permit sponsors to have any undue impact on its policies and practices not permit corporate names and/or logos to have prominence over or alter OPL’s name and/or logo on facilities, print materials or online
  • not allow direct marketing of products to children or accept any support that implies or requires endorsements of products

Scope of Policy 

This policy applies to all arrangements whereby an organization sponsors or contributes to Library programs, events and services as defined above in the definition of Sponsorship. A Sponsorship is a contracted arrangement between OPL and an organization, designed to benefit both parties. This policy does not apply to: 

  • Philanthropic gifts or donations 
  • Grants or funds obtained from government 
  • Arrangements where the Library sponsors or contributes to external projects of other organizations 

Only organizations and arrangements deemed appropriate and compatible with the policies, mission, goals, philosophy and public profile of the Library will be considered for potential sponsorships. 

Sponsorship opportunities or proposals will be considered in accordance with any conflict of interest guidelines. 

Acceptance of corporation support will take the form of a written agreement signed by representatives of the sponsoring organization and authorized representative(s) of the Library. This agreement will define the terms of the sponsorship and any recognition to be provided to the sponsor. 

Sponsorship Agreement 

A sponsorship agreement with OPL will be confirmed by a formal agreement that outlines the responsibilities and deliverables for all parties involved including the terms of the sponsorship, a set time period, any recognition to be provided to the sponsor and the Library’s right to terminate the agreement. All obligations on the part of the Library and the sponsor will end upon termination of the sponsorship agreement unless otherwise specified in the agreement. 

The Library Board will have the opportunity to review and provide final approval of all sponsorships over $10,000. 

Sponsorships under the amount of $10,000 may be approved at the discretion of the CEO. 

OPL has the right to refuse any sponsorship that in its absolute discretion contravenes the mission and vision of the Library. 

Recognition of Support 

The partner organization has marketing rights to promote their involvement with OPL according to the term and duration of the sponsorship agreement and subject to the provisions of this policy. 

Corporate partners will not be permitted to use the Library’s name for commercial purposes or in connection with any product. 

Oshawa Public Libraries will adhere to Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines relating to sponsorship revenue. 

Conditions of Sponsorship Termination 

The Library reserves the right to terminate an existing sponsorship should conditions arise during the life of the sponsorship that result in it conflicting with this policy or that the sponsorship no longer supports the best interests of the Library.  

The right to refuse and/or terminate corporate contributions extends to support of third party fundraising for which the proceeds are designed to benefit the Library. 

Revised: March 2022 

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