Terms of Reference for the Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall:

  1. Review, revise and recommend amendments to the by-laws and policies of the Oshawa Public Library, as need arises, in order to ensure conformity with Provincial statutes and Municipal By-laws and any Collective Agreements currently in place;
  2. Recommend amendments to the by-laws and policies, in order to ensure compliance with and maintain the principles stated in, the Oshawa Public Library Mission statement and; in keeping with the standards set by the Ontario Library Association and/or the Canadian Library Association as appropriate;
  3. Forward all recommendations and/or proposed changes to the Chief Executive Officer for review;
  4. Have the authority to act on behalf of the Board during the summer when the Board does not meet. Any actions must be reported and ratified at the September Board meeting;
  5. Consists of up to Five (5) members. The Library Board Chair serves as ex-officio (non-voting) member.

Approved: January 21, 2016

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